Ultimate Guide to the Belfast Christmas Market: Dates, Stalls, and Tips for a Festive Visit

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Welcome to the Belfast Christmas Market, opening from November 18th to December 22nd. Nestled in front of the grand Belfast City Hall, this market brings together a festive mix of over 100 international and local stalls. Discover handmade crafts, indulge in international flavors, and enjoy the joyous atmosphere. This guide provides essential tips and highlights to help you make the most of your visit without the fluff.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore over 100 stalls of international and local traders at Belfast Christmas Market, set against the historic City Hall, offering handmade crafts, unique foods like crocodile burgers, and festive fun like Santa’s Grotto.

  • Get your taste buds ready for a global food extravaganza with treats from 32 nationalities, including wild boar sausage, Belgian waffles, and a variety of continental drinks at the beloved Beer Tent.

  • Support local artisans and uncover unique gifts ranging from Belleek Pottery to digital art tea towels, and enjoy family-friendly activities like festive rides and meeting Santa, all with convenient access and no admission fee.

Experience the Magic at Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall with festive decorations and market stalls

As the backdrop to the Belfast Christmas Market, the Belfast City Hall itself is a marvel to behold. Built in 1906, this grand edifice stands as a testament to the city’s rich history, its imposing Baroque Revival architecture lending a historical ambiance to the festive celebrations. With the City Hall at Donegall Square, located in the heart of Belfast City Centre, serving as the iconic backdrop, the market is a marvel of sights, smells, and experiences that capture the essence of the festive season in the city hall gardens.

The Belfast Christmas Market offers:

  • Over 100 international and local traders

  • A variety of stalls, each offering a unique slice of festive cheer

  • Handmade crafts with a warm glow

  • Aroma of fresh, local produce

It is more than just a shopping destination – it’s a sensory experience that embodies the spirit of Christmas in our festive village.

A Brief History of the Market

The city’s festive calendar cherishes the Belfast Christmas Market as a beloved fixture. In its 18-year history, the market has evolved the City Hall grounds into a bustling marketplace, uniting traders from across the world. Originally acquired by the City Hall after Belfast was designated a city in 1888, these grounds have played host to the market since its inception, becoming a symbol of Belfast’s festive spirit and cultural scene.

The unique mix of local and international offerings of the market has caught attention. It has featured on GoEuro’s ‘11 Best Christmas Markets’ and AccuWeather’s ‘10 Most Enchanting Christmas Markets’ in Europe, highlighting its status as one of the best Christmas markets on the continent. Occasionally referred to as the Belfast Continental Christmas Market, the market is a testament to its diverse European influences and the city’s commitment to creating a truly international festive experience.

Must-See Attractions

Apart from the stalls and traders, the Belfast Christmas Market takes pride in a plethora of funfair attractions catering to the delight of visitors across all age groups. One of the most popular attractions is the whimsical carousel. This nostalgic ride invites guests to recapture the magic of yesteryears, offering a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of the market.

For those seeking a different perspective, the Belfast Christmas Market offers a variety of attractions, including:

  • The vintage Helter Skelter ride, which provides a unique experience with a panoramic view of the market below before enjoying the thrilling slide down.

  • Santa’s Grotto, where families can visit and create lasting memories.

  • The carousel, which offers a fun and festive ride for all ages.

These attractions are sure to enhance your visit to the Belfast Christmas Market.

Feast on International Flavours

Artisan food stalls with international flavors at the Christmas Market

Undeniably, the incredible variety of food offerings stands as a highlight of the Belfast Christmas Market. As you stroll through the market, you’ll encounter a melting pot of cuisines from over 32 nationalities, offering dishes that range from traditional to exotic. Whether you’re craving savoury treats like locally-sourced artisan butchery items or sweet delicacies like Dutch Pancakes and Belgian Waffles, the market’s culinary landscape offers a feast for the senses.

The market also opens up novel culinary adventures for the daring gourmands, offering delights beyond the typical festive dishes. Unique meat burgers, crepes, and pancakes add to the diverse palate, ensuring that there’s something to satisfy every craving. So, whether you’re looking to savour old favourites or explore new tastes, the Belfast Christmas Market promises an authentic feast that’s sure to delight.

Culinary Highlights

Offering an array of unique foods unattainable elsewhere, the Belfast Christmas Market serves as a sanctuary for food enthusiasts. At the market, you’ll find artisan traders offering a variety of delicious and diverse foods, including:

  • Wild boar sausage

  • Crocodile burger

  • Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches

  • Belgian waffles

  • German bratwurst

  • Spanish paella

  • French crepes

  • Italian gelato

These are just a few examples of the culinary experience that awaits you at the Belfast Christmas Market.

Among the wide selection, the crocodile burgers stand out as one of the most unique culinary experiences at the market. Crafted from the highest quality ingredients, these burgers offer a taste of the exotic right in the heart of Belfast.

With over 100 stalls from international and local traders, the market ensures a diverse range of quality Christmas fare, making it a must-visit destination for food lovers at the food court.

Continental Drinks

The Belfast Christmas Market ensures the festive celebration remains incomplete without a warm drink to ward off the winter cold. The popular Beer Tent returns to the market this year, offering visitors a taste of continental drinks and treats. Whether you’re a fan of traditional mulled wine, a hearty ale, or a hot chocolate, you’re sure to find a beverage to complement your culinary adventures at the market.

Uncover Artisan Treasures

Local artisans showcasing handmade crafts and unique decorations

Apart from offering a plethora of food and funfair attractions, the Belfast Christmas Market also doubles as a treasure chest of artisan goods. As you navigate the twinkling stalls, you’ll discover a diverse array of handmade crafts and unique decorations tailored for the festive season. The market serves as a hub where local craftspeople and artisans present delightful gift ideas and bespoke products, offering shoppers:

  • unique and personal items

  • one-of-a-kind crafts

  • handmade decorations

  • bespoke gifts

The market’s enchanting environment, beautifully adorned with twinkling lights that accentuate the handcrafted ornaments and gifts on display, only adds to the charm of the shopping experience. Exploring the market reveals that each stall narrates a tale – of the artisans crafting the products, the materials they employed, and the affection and diligence invested in each item.

Unique Gift Ideas

At the Belfast Christmas Market, you’ll find a wealth of unique gift ideas to inspire your holiday shopping. For lovers of fine pottery, Belleek Pottery from Co. Fermanagh offers meticulously crafted pieces that exemplify the skill of local artisans. If you’re searching for a gift with a creative touch, Peter Paints Pictures offers unique digitally created illustrations, including practical items like tea towels that combine function with artistry.

Coffee aficionados will appreciate the small-batch roasted coffee from Belfast Coffee Co, freshly made in Belfast. For those seeking a bit of humor with their heritage, Thomas Joseph’s Celtic-themed mugs and cushions feature charming sheep illustrations. And for a blend of visual and culinary treats, Art On A Tin collaborates with local artists to produce beautifully decorated tins that can be filled with a selection of sweets.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect gift, the market’s unique offerings of bespoke artisan products, including sweet treats, ensure that you’ll find something truly special.

Support Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses and artists stands as one of the most gratifying experiences of visiting the Belfast Christmas Market. From Flax Fox Designs and Cowfield Design to Belleek Pottery, the market showcases local craftsmanship with products inspired by Northern Ireland landmarks and heritage.

Artists like Sharon Millar and businesses like Art On A Tin provide unique art pieces, including prints of iconic locations and artwork featured on tins, supporting the creative industry in Belfast. Indulging in traditional treats like locally sourced foods from Mourne Seafood and Rossi’s, or sampling fine beverages sourced locally, not only adds to the authentic festive atmosphere but also benefits the local economy and strengthens community ties.

Family Fun and Activities

Santa's Grotto with children enjoying festive activities

The Belfast Christmas Market has a wealth of activities tailored to entertain and delight visiting families and children. Whether you’re looking for a playful Indoor Snowball Fight at W5, or a magical encounter with Santa at his Grotto, the market offers a range of experiences that make it a truly family-friendly destination.

Beyond the market, Belfast is alive with Christmas spirit through various events, sparkling lights, opportunities to meet Santa, and festive shows that create a joyful holiday atmosphere for families to immerse themselves in. So, whether you’re visiting the market or exploring the city, you’re sure to find plenty of festive fun for the whole family.

Meet Santa

No festive outing would be complete without a visit to Santa’s Grotto. Located within the grounds of City Hall, Santa’s Grotto offers a magical encounter with Santa himself. With varied hours throughout the week and an inclusive and vibrant space for all visitors, the Grotto is a must-visit attraction for families visiting the market.

What’s more, the proceeds from Santa’s Grotto visits support the work of local charities such as Kids Together and Friends of St Gerards, which focus on the needs of children with disabilities and promote health and education. So, not only does a visit to Santa’s Grotto offer a heartwarming festive experience, but it also contributes to worthy causes, making it an even more meaningful part of your visit to the Belfast Christmas Market.

Festive Rides

After paying Santa a visit, why not take a spin on one of the market’s festive rides? From the whimsical carousel to the vintage Helter Skelter, these funfair attractions offer a fun-filled family day out. With their bright lights and nostalgic charm, these rides add an extra layer of festive fun to your visit, ensuring that your day at the Belfast Christmas Market is one you won’t soon forget.

Practical Information for Your Visit

Night view of Belfast City Hall with Christmas market in the background

Some practical information simplifies the planning of your visit to the Belfast Christmas Market. Here are the details:

  • The market opens on November 18 at 12pm and closes on December 22 at 6pm, giving you plenty of time to explore everything it has to offer.

  • Located at Belfast City Hall in Donegall Square, the market is easily accessible by foot, public transport, or car.

  • There is no admission fee, allowing free entry for all visitors.

Remember, the opening weekend will observe road closures, including different schedules on Saturday, November 18, and early closures on Sunday, November 19. So, whether you’re a local or a visitor, it’s recommended to check the Belfast City Council website for specific opening times and updates to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable visit.

Dates and Times

Running from November 18th to December 22nd, the Belfast Christmas Market 2023 will last for 4.5 weeks. This gives you ample time to explore the market at your leisure, whether you’re planning to visit for a day or spread your visits over several weekends.

The market’s opening hours are designed to accommodate a range of schedules. From 10 am to 8 pm Monday through Wednesday, 10 am to 10 pm Thursday through Saturday, and 12 pm to 6 pm on Sundays, there’s plenty of time for after-work drinks, Saturday afternoon treats, and leisurely Sunday strolls. The traditional Belfast Christmas lights switch-on will coincide with the market opening on Saturday, 18th November, marking the first return to its pre-Covid format since 2019.

Parking and Transportation

Convenient parking and transportation options make the Belfast Christmas Market visit a breeze. The Montgomery Street Car Park and Q-Park Victoria Square are just a short walk away from the market, making it easy for those who prefer to drive to the car parks.

For those who prefer public transport, the late-night Belfast Metro bus services offer a convenient option. Departing from the city center between midnight and 1 am on weekends during the festive season, these services ensure that you can enjoy the market without worrying about getting back home. Plus, a special Nightmover fare is available for these late-night services, costing £6 for a single journey, adding to the ease and convenience of your visit to the Belfast Christmas Market.

Beyond the Market: Exploring Belfast During the Festive Season

Beyond the Belfast Christmas Market, which is undeniably a festive highlight in the city, Belfast offers much more to explore during this period. From the ‘Magical Christmas Experience’ at Titanic Belfast to the traditional setting of the Ulster Folk Museum, there are numerous events and attractions that add to the festive cheer in the city.

As you explore Belfast, you’ll find that the city’s festive spirit extends beyond the market. The city centre dazzles with festive decorations, while various events, sparkling lights, and opportunities to meet Santa create a joyful holiday atmosphere throughout the city. So, whether you’re visiting for the market or planning a longer stay, you’re sure to find plenty of festive fun in Belfast during the Christmas season.

Christmas Lights and Events

The festive season in Belfast is characterized by a city-wide spectacle of lights and events. The famous tree lighting ceremony at Belfast City Hall marks the beginning of the festive season, with the majestic Christmas tree becoming a beacon of holiday spirit.

Beyond the lights, there’s no shortage of festive events to enjoy. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Grand Opera House enhances Christmas festivities with its annual pantomime, this year presenting ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ with a mix of comedy and music.

  • At Writer’s Square, families can experience the Winter Circus, featuring an array of high-skill acts such as aerialists, acrobats, and jugglers.

  • For a city-wide celebration, the ‘Let’s Glow Belfast’ lights event is set to entertain with performances by local musicians, theatrical characters, and diverse artists across the city.

Alternative Markets

Besides the must-visit Belfast Christmas Market, the city also houses a variety of alternative markets each holding its unique allure. The Tedberry Market, based in the Titanic Exhibition Centre, showcases around 200 local stalls and is organized by local businesses Ted & Stitch and Millson & Berry.

Hillsborough Castle & Gardens, on the other hand, offer a magical atmosphere with 12 giant The Snowman™ sculptures and a charming festive shopping experience at the Hillsborough Christmas Market.

For a complete festive retreat, ‘Winter’s Den’ at 2 Royal Avenue offers markets and entertainment tailored for family enjoyment from November 18th to January 7th. With each of these markets offering distinctive crafts, gifts, and festive experiences, they serve as wonderful additions to your festive itinerary in Belfast.


The Belfast Christmas Market truly is a festive gem, offering a magical mix of international flavours, artisan treasures, and family fun against the historical backdrop of Belfast City Hall. From its diverse array of food offerings to the unique gift ideas from local artisans, the market offers a festive experience that’s rich in culture, history, and holiday cheer.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the Belfast Christmas Market, with its sights, sounds, and experiences, is sure to imbue you with the festive spirit and leave you with lasting memories of a Christmas well celebrated. So, wrap up warm, gather your loved ones, and let the magic of the Belfast Christmas Market create an unforgettable festive season for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What date is the Christmas markets in Belfast?

The Belfast Christmas Market is scheduled to take place from November 18 to December 22. So, mark your calendar and get ready to enjoy the festive season!

Is Belfast Christmas Market good?

Yes, the Belfast Christmas Market is good, and it is even ranked higher than the London Christmas market. You can enjoy it from November 18 to December 22.

What is the biggest Christmas Market in Ireland?

The biggest Christmas Market in Ireland is the Winterval festival, which takes place in Waterford from November 17th to December 23rd. It offers 40 events, with 25 of them being free of charge.

Do you need cash for Belfast Christmas Market?

Yes, it’s recommended to bring cash to the Belfast Christmas Market as traders may have had signal issues preventing them from accepting card payments in the past.

When does the Belfast Christmas Market open and close?

The Belfast Christmas Market opens on November 18 at 12pm and closes on December 22 at 6pm, so make sure to plan your visit within this time frame.

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