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Discover the Beauty of Portrush West Strand Beach, a Gem on the Causeway Coast

The Portrush West Strand beach is a popular resort beach in Northern Ireland on the Causeway Coast. It stretches between West Strand Road and the South Pier Portrush Harbour. It is conveniently located near the town centre and amusements, giving it a year-round holiday-like atmosphere.

Portrush West Strand has been awarded the Blue Flag certification, indicating that the beach is aesthetically pleasing, secure, and well-maintained. A lifeguard is present every day from July 1 to September 30, from 11 am to 7 pm.

Due to buried peat deposits and ancient sands beneath the beach, West Strand Beach is protected through ASSI designation. Embedded within the peats are the fossilised remains of ancient trees, including alder and birch, that once populated the area some 9,000 – 7,000 years ago.

West Strand Beach

West Strand Beach offers a variety of activities such as diving, surfing, swimming, kite surfing, paddle boarding, and windsurfing. It is also suitable for horse riding, walking, cycling, jogging, paddling, playing, or relaxing.

Walking along this beach from the harbour to the rocks offers a variety of experiences. Starting at the harbour allows you to experience the lively Portrush atmosphere and feel the ancient sands beneath your feet. During low tide, you may even glimpse the buried peat deposits and remnants of ancient trees at the northern end.

There are many popular restaurants and pubs in the area. You can cycle or walk along the Promenade or enjoy the water and sand on the shoreline. West Strand Beach offers views of sea-front houses, paving, and parkland. The Promenade, a raised walkway along the beach, has steps for easy access to the sand.

Walking past Barry’s Amusements is an exciting experience, as you can often hear the sounds of enjoyment coming from inside. After passing Curry’s, you can turn at Eglinton Street to enter the West Strand’s parkland, located under the railway bridge off the Portstewart Road (A2).

West Strand Beach Entrance

West Bay can be reached by car; parking is available at the bridge and West Strand car park. Facilities such as toilets, disabled parking, disabled toilets, and disabled access to the promenade and West Strand Beach are also provided.

The parkland offers a large grassy area for running with your dogs or children, but please note that Portrush West Strand has summer dog restrictions. It is a peaceful spot to relax and read a book while enjoying the beautiful ocean view.

West Strand Beach on the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland is a popular destination known for its beauty and convenient location. It offers a variety of fun activities in Portrush and at the beach, making it a lively spot during the hot summer months. However, it also provides a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere at sunset.

Facilities At West Bay

Portrush East Strand, also known as East Strand Beach, is a popular seaside destination on the north coast of County Antrim, Northern Ireland. While I can provide general information on typical facilities you might find at such a beach, it is best to check with local resources or the official Portrush website for the most up-to-date details.

Car Parking

At Portrush West Strand Beach, visitors can take advantage of a spacious, free car parking directly behind the beach through the black stone railway arch, offering easy access to the sands and promenade, with designated disabled spaces available for those with mobility needs. During peak season, this well-maintained parking facility ensures a hassle-free start to a day of seaside enjoyment.

Public Toilets

There are public toilets at the entrance to West Bay at the town centre end of the Promenade, next to the Babushka Cafe and the Lifeboat Centre. There are also disabled toilets and baby changing at this facility.

Lifeguard Service

During the summer months of July & August, RNLI lifeguards are often on duty between 11 am-7 pm, ensuring the safety of swimmers and surfers. They monitor the famously golden sandy beach from the beach lookout adjacent to the car park on the eastern boundary of West Bay.

Cafes and Kiosks

As you’d imagine, for this popular resort beach, there are a number of cafes on the eastern boundary and towards the town centre – including Babushka and Currys Amusements nearby (aka Barrys). Towards the western and northern end, there are normally a number of kiosks and ice cream vans with an excellent array of treats that make the walk along worthwhile.

Dog-Friendly Areas

While dogs are welcome on the beach, there are restrictions in the summer months (1st June – 15th Sept), and there are wardens patrolling. So it is best to keep your dog on its lead if it’s busy and pick up after it.

Portrush Coastal Zone

Although not on Portrush West strand beach, the Portrush Coastal zone is only a short walk via the central shopping piazza and has a range of coastal and marine exhibitions where you can find out more about the Harbour porpoises, magnificent coastal sea cliffs and buried peat deposits and ancient sands beneath the beach of this busy seaside resort.

Getting to West Strand Beach

Portrush West Strand Beach is conveniently located near Portrush train station, offering frequent services to Coleraine, where you can catch connecting trains to Belfast, Derry, and Dublin. Additionally, a daily bus service provides easy access to the bustling seaside resort and the renowned West Bay Beach.

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