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Unleash Your Inner Surfer: Discover the Best Surf Spots On The Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Who would have imagined that surfing in Northern Ireland would be such an adrenaline-inducing experience? The Causeway Coast has emerged as one of the fastest-growing surf destinations, providing surfers with the unique opportunity to ride well-shaped waves against the backdrop of lush landscapes and historical landmarks. Here, we give you a comprehensive guide to the best surf spots in Northern Ireland so you can grab your surfboard and start your surfing adventure in this beautiful part of the world.

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Photo by Kanenori on Pixabay

What are our top 10 beaches to go surfing in Northern Ireland?

Embarking on my surf journey in the picturesque landscapes of Northern Ireland was nothing short of magical! While I’m still riding the beginner wave, here are my favourite beaches that welcomed me with open arms (and forgiving waves):

Portrush (East Strand)

Surfing At East Strand Portrush – Image by @northcoastspongers

This was my absolute go-to! With its long sandy stretches, it was forgiving for someone like me who was still finding my surf balance.

Whiterocks Beach

Surfer at Whiterocks Portrush – Image by @seaairsurfphotography

Just a hop away from Portrush, those white limestone cliffs provided sound waves and Instagram-worthy backdrops. A beginner’s paradise!

Castlerock Beach

Two Surfers Going Out At Sunset on Castlerock Beach – Image @northcoasthype

This beach made autumn and winter surfing seem like a charm! Plus, the sandy bottom was a blessing for a few inevitable wipeouts.

Portstewart Strand

Surfers Enjoying Portstewart STrand – IMage by niholidays

Nearly two miles of consistent waves and plenty of space to practice my pop-ups without a crowd watching.

Benone Beach

Two surfers on Benone Beach – Image by @thewanderingselkie

Its reputation as one of Ireland’s longest beaches isn’t just for show. The vast expanse meant I had ample room to hone my skills without bumping into fellow surfers.


Less about the waves and more about the tranquillity. On days I wanted to escape the usual buzz, this was my hideout.

Runkerry Beach

A stone’s throw from the iconic Giant’s Causeway and Old Bushmills Distillery, surfing with such a view was surreal! Plus, fewer crowds meant a more relaxed session.

Whitehouse Bay

Nestled near Portrush, it was my little secret spot when I felt slightly more adventurous but within safe boundaries.

Portrush (West Strand)

Surfing at Portrush West Strand Beach – Image by @aliveadventuresportrush

Slightly more challenging than the East Strand but still beginner-friendly. It was my choice for days, and stepping up my game a notch.


A bit of a drive away near Donegal, but the journey was worth the sight and the surf. Even as a reef break, I found certain areas manageable as a newbie.

For fellow beginner surfers wanting to explore Northern Ireland’s coastline, these spots welcomed me with just the right wave patterns, breathtaking views, and a promise of progress with every visit! Always stay safe, respect the ocean, and enjoy the ride. 

About the author

Originally from Scotland, Colin now resides near the beautiful seaside town of Portstewart on the Causeway Coastal Route. By day he works in IT and by day off he spends much of his time travelling around the Island with his young family, writing about his experiences for many sites both locally and nationally.