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Discover the Magic of the Causeway Coast: Ireland’s Coastal Gem

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Is Ireland Part Of The UK

A Guide to the Question Is Ireland Part Of the United Kingdom This is a simple guide on whether Ireland …
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Visit The Giants Causeway For Free

Free Entry to the Giants Causeway: How to See the Causeway for Free? We are often asked, “Can you visit …
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The Giant’s Causeway

The Guide to Have The Best Giants Causeway Visitor Experience Welcome to one of the most amazing places on the …
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Welcome to Causeway Coast Holiday, your one-stop guide to all things holiday related on the Causeway Coast. The idea behind this site is to give travellers of Causeway Coastal Route information on Places to see, Things to do, places to stay & where to eat on your trip.

We are an independent travel website focused on using our experience of exploring the causeway coast with our family to help you make the most of travelling with yours. As travel enthusiasts, we always found it quite tricky to locate information on things to do in certain locations along the North Antrim coast on the internet, so we thought we could help fellow travllers with the development of Causeway Coast Holiday – “A one-stop site for all information on the causeway coast.

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