The Causeway Coast

Causeway Coast of Northern IrelandThe Causeway Coast is an area of magnificent beauty on the Northern Coast of Northern Ireland, stretching from the mouth of the Foyle in the West, to the Glendun River in the East.

This stunning coastline spans an area less than 30 miles, overlooks the North Atlantic Ocean and offers glimpses of eras goneby.

Visitors from around the planet have been charmed by their visit to the Causeway Coast.  A land of myth, steeped in history with impressive natural cliffs, beaches, forests, headlands, rocks, and ancient landforms.  

From Castlerock on the West to BallyCastle in the East the coastal towns of the Causeway Coast each provide something different for travellers and natives alike.  

Marvellous Views & Sites

So many marvellous views to soothe the eyes, historical sights from the beginning of settlement in Ireland.  All this splendour, within such a compact geographical area, makes the Causeway Coast the jewel in Northern Ireland's crown, attracting millions of visitors every year.

Place of Legends

Phoenix Peace Statue, ColeraineThe story goes that the Irish giant Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn MacCool), from the Fenian Cycle of Gaelic mythology, was challenged to a fight by the Scottish giant Benandonner.

Fionn accepted the challenge and built the causeway across the North Channel so that the two giants could meet.

In our modern culture the Causeway Coast is used as the background for Game of Thrones, a televised legend viewed by millions.

Let's just say it's picturesque, even now. 

The Giants Causeway, Panorama and Closeup

Visit the Causeway Coast...

Northern Ireland, Set of Game of ThronesThe locals really enjoy living in this part of the world and they live a relaxed peaceful life taking part in their community and appreciating the beauty around them.  I was lucky enough to grow up for most of my childhood in Coleraine. 

As a child we would try to name all the towns that begin with 'Bally' on the car rides and bounce on the springy grass at the Giant's Causeway, the world around us was inspiring.  

Discovering The Causeway Coast by car, camper, motorbike or bicycle is easy, peaceful and relaxed.  There's plenty of other campers and caravaners if that's your mode of transport. 

Choose to vary your surroundings by staying a few nights in one location and and a few nights in another, roaming around to maximise your holiday experience. Or find the location you resonate with most and base yourself there, either way will work!  You'll find great choices of different types of Accommodation to soak up the ancient atmosphere of this remarkable coastline. 

Excellent Beaches

Portrush West Strand, Northern IrelandSix of the eight Blue Flag beaches in Northern Ireland are found on the Causeway Coast, a testament to their beauty, pristine water and conservation quality.

The Blue Flag beaches are Portstewart Strand, Portrush East Strand, Portrush West Strand, The Whiterocks, Downhill and Benone Strand at Magilligan.

One of the only two Marinas to achieve this prestigious status is also on the Causeway coast, Ballycastle Marina. 

Unsurpassed scenery

Mussenden Temple from Downhill Beach, CausewayCoast.holidayHaving passed through the troubled times Northern Ireland has emerged with a new invite to the world to come and partake of her offerings.  

Discover exquisite beaches, ancient rocks, spectacular castle ruins, thriving towns with nightlife, unique stores and good food, cliff walks, intrepid rope bridges, unsurpassed views and all with a friendly hospitable atmosphere. Northern Ireland is a lovely place to visit. 

Visiting the Causeway Coast is an extraordinary experience that creates lasting memories!

Welcome to the Causeway Coast!

Welcome to the Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland for a relaxing, adventurous, active holiday back in nature. Enjoy your stay in this piece of paradise.
There are many lovely locations along the Causeway Coast.There are also lots of places on to explore.
We hope you enjoy browsing this website it is designed to share the beauty of this exquisite part of the planet with you!  We recommend starting here:

Locations along the Coast to explore:

Causeway - The Giant's Causeway

Giant's Causeway, an unusual perspectiveThe Causeway Coast is the colloquial term for the entire northern coastline of Northern Ireland. 

The coast faces the North Atlantic with views to Donegal to the west, Rathlin Island out to sea and Scotland north and east.

From the West, Limavady Borough cares for the Magilligan Point area while from Downhill to Portballintrae is within the Coleraine Borough Council. 

Moyle Council stretches from Ballycastle and beyond to the far eastern edge of the Causeway Coast at the Glens of Antrim.

The Causeway Coast is a varied and exciting place, also a peaceful and relaxed location to holiday. 

The Giants Causeway - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

The Giants Causeway

Welcome to one of the most amazing places on the planet... The Giants Causeway. The Causeway comprises of thousands of mostly hexagonal stones stepping gently into the sea. They were formed either by the geological processes within an ancient volcano... or... the giants of legend who stomped and battled along the coast... Visit The Giants Causeway
Coleraine - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland


Coleraine is the informal capital of the Causeway Coast and has all the modern amenities you need and has great historical significance too. This thriving town is busy all year round as it plays host to many National and International visitors who come to visit the Causeway Coast. Coleraine is within a few miles of some of the worlds most impressive coastal views natural attractions and pristine beaches. Visit Coleraine
Balintoy - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland


Ballintoy is one of the locations used to film the infamous Game of Thrones television series. The harbour has hardly changed in hundreds of years which makes Ballintoy the perfect setting for the medieval saga. Home to just under 200 people. Just down the road is Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge. Visit Ballintoy
Ballycastle - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland


Ballycastle is a small town in County Antrim surrounded by glens, forests and ancient rocks. This well loved town is the splendid Eastern Gateway to the Causeway Coast and five thousand people live there. Visit Ballycastle
Ballycastle Strand - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Ballycastle Strand

Ballycastle Strand is magnificent. Enjoy great views of Rathlin Island from the Blue Flag Ballycastle Strand. It is just under a mile in length and is a great beach for surfing and swimming. It is also close to town which makes it popular with locals and visitors. Visit Ballycastle Strand
Benone Strand - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Benone Strand

Benone Strand is one of the most popular beaches of the Causeway Coast not only for visitors but for locals alike. The Benone Strand is seven miles of golden soft sandy beach with spectacular views of Benevenagh mountain and Donegal. There is Lough Foyle and Magilligan Point in one direction with Downhill and Mussenden Temple in the opposite. Visit Benone Strand
Bushmills - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland


Bushmills is a small inland village on the Causeway Coast. It is the closest settlement to the world famous Giants Causeway only 2 miles to the North. Surrounded by endless shades of green fields, it is home to less than 1500 people and is 7m North East of Coleraine and 12m West of Ballycastle. Visit Bushmills
Carrick a Rede - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Carrick a Rede

Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge is a rope bridge close to Ballintoy in Northern Ireland. It is an amazing and terrifying experience. Cross the 20 meter suspension bridge over a gorge onto a small island as salmon fishermen have been doing for over 350 years... Visit Carrick a Rede
Castlerock - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland


Castlerock is the Western Gateway of the Causeway Coast. It is a popular seaside village five miles west of Coleraine that perfectly blends the past and present. This town is home to less than fifteen hundred people attracting many more visitors in season due to great amenities a naturally beautiful landscape and a variety of places to visit nearby. Visit Castlerock
Castlerock Beach - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Castlerock Beach

The award winning, just under a mile long, golden sands of Castlerock Beach are located north east of the Castlerock Promenade stretching east towards the heathland all the way to the River Bann. Castlerock Beach is long and wide perfect for playing and beach walking and won the Rural Award beach Seaside Award in 2014. Visit Castlerock Beach
Downhill Beach - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Downhill Beach

Downhill Beach is the start of a 7 mile beach which stretches from the base of the cliffs below Mussenden Temple to the far western point of the Causeway Coast at Magilligan Point including Benone Strand. Watch out for trains heading along the coast and through the tunnel in the cliffside. Visit Downhill Beach
Downhill Demesne and Hezlett House - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Downhill Demesne

Downhill Demesne which is sometimes simply referred to as Downhill House is an amazing 18th century mansion built by the eccentric Earl Bishop. Beautifully set within open grounds it is the perfect place for a day trip. Bring a picnic and enjoy the sheltered gardens of Hezlett House. Visit Downhill Demesne
Dunluce Castle - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle is located on the sheer cliffs east of Portrush along the Causeway Coast towards the Giants Causeway. It was built sometime between the 1400s and 1600s and was one of the finest castles on the Coast. Visit Dunluce Castle
Giants Causeway and Bushmills Railway - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Giants Causeway and Bushmills Railway

The Giants Causeway and Bushmills Railway leaves from just outside Bushmills Village on its 20 minute journey of 2 miles to and from the Giants Causeway, along the track bed of what used to be the Giant's Causeway Tram. The diesel locomotive runs 4 times a day between 11am and 2.30pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Children, in particular, love being on the train. Visit Giants Causeway and Bushmills Railway
Golfing on the North Coast - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Golf on the Coast

Golfing on the North Coast is idyllic. You may have heard of the Royal Portrush which hosted the British Open and Irish Open. Portstewart and Castlerock also offer excellent courses. If you prefer an nine hole course Bushfoot fits the bill. Visit Golf on the Coast
Magilligan - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland


Magilligan is an area of both historic and conservational significance. The Martello Tower at Magilligan Point is an example of the small defensive forts which were built as a defence against a possible attack from the forces of Napoleon during the 19th Century. Magilligan Beach is one of the most studied coastal landforms in the region. Visit Magilligan
Mountsandel Fort - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Mountsandel Fort

Located in the middle of the gorgeous Mountsandel Forest is the the remains of Mountsandel Fort. The Fort is a State Care Historic Monument which dates back to seven thousand BC and the early Mesolithic and Iron Ages. It sits on the edge of a steep river bluff which falls into the River Bann. Visit Mountsandel Fort
Mussenden Temple - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Mussenden Temple

Mussenden Temple is one of those places you never forget. The temple itself is magnificent and sits on one of the most amazing locations in Ireland. The Earl Bishop used it as his library. Visit Mussenden Temple
Old Bushmills Distillery - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Old Bushmills Distillery

In 1743 Old Bushmills Distillery was in the hands of smugglers. The Causeway Coast was a different place. Downhill had yet to be erected. Coleraine was a new town. Many things have changed. Yet we still drink Old Bush Mills Whiskey. Visit Old Bushmills Distillery
Portballintrae - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland


Ideally set just outside of Bushmills and only minutes from the Giants Causeway and Dunluce Castle you will find a quaint fishing village. This seaside destination is just like stepping back in time. Visit Portballintrae
Portrush - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland


Portrush is a fun loving seaside town that grew from a small fishing village into a very popular holiday destination for Northern Ireland locals and those from all around the world. It has been in vogue since Victorian times. Portrush has beautiful beaches filled with friendly people and tons of activities for people of all ages. Visit Portrush
Portrush East Strand - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Portrush East Strand

Portrush East Strand starts at the Arcadia and borders the Whiterocks. Over 2 miles of golden sand, backed by sand dunes and the Royal Portrush Golf Course. Curvaceous walkways, landscaped gardens, seating and play areas help you soak up the atmosphere of the East Strand. Visit Portrush East Strand
Portrush West Strand - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Portrush West Strand

The West Strand, or Mill Strand, starts at South Pier Portrush Harbour and stretches to the black rocks at West Strand Road, heading out of town towards Portstewart. Having this gorgeous beach so close to all the town action is truly a benefit giving a great holiday feel all year long. Visit Portrush West Strand
Portstewart - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland


Portstewart is an upmarket tourist haven with a spectacular beach, a gorgeous harbour, promenade, championship golf courses, great restaurants, cafes, parks, icecream parlours and even outdoor swimming pools and a childrens pleasure beach. Portstewart has many places where you can relax and watch the world go by. It was a well loved Victorian seaside Port which has retained both its heritage and public appeal. Visit Portstewart
Rathlin Island - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Rathlin Island

If you are craving that feeling of a life less complicated... Rathlin Island should be on your destination list. Rathlin Island has incredible natural beauty and flora and fauna found no where else on earth. Lighthouses are a favourite for visitors from May to Sept. Visit Rathlin Island
Surfing Beaches - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Surfing Beaches

There are many epic surfing beaches in Northern Ireland, and some of the best are along the north coast. This part of the Irish Coastline is said to be the most surfed! There are 9 well surfed beaches around the Causeway Coast, Portrush is the hub of Surfing for the area. Visit Surfing Beaches
Swimming Beaches - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Swimming Beaches

Many of the beaches along the north coast of Northern Ireland are Blue Flag Beaches. This means they are safe and clean for visitors and locals to enjoy. There are many popular swimming beaches along the Causeway Coast for you to enjoy. Visit Swimming Beaches
Whiterocks Portrush - Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland

Whiterocks Portrush

The Whiterocks Blue Flag beach is divinely located contiguous with East Strand, forming between them, a 3 mile beach, just outside Portrush town. Sweeping golden sands, long wide beach, crashing ocean waves and giant sand dunes makes this beach truly natures playground. Visit Whiterocks Portrush