Sizzling Hot List: Top Steakhouse Belfast Picks for Meat Lovers

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Belfast, a vibrant city bursting with culture and history, is home to some of the most mouth-watering steakhouses in Northern Ireland. From chic, upscale dining to laid-back casual bites, this bustling city has a steakhouse for every meat lover’s palate. Ready to embark on a culinary journey through Belfast’s sizzling hot steakhouses? Let’s get started with the best “steakhouse Belfast” has to offer!

Key Takeaways

  • Indulge in succulent steaks from Belfast’s best steakhouses, such as Top Blade, Stix and Stones, and Jospers Steakhouse!

  • Enjoy the perfect pairing of wine & cocktails at Belfast steak restaurants for an elevated dining experience!

  • Treat your family to delicious steak options, high chairs, and kids’ menus at Ryan’s Bar & Restaurant or Little Wing Pizzeria.

Succulent Selections: Belfast’s Best Steakhouses

A sizzling hot steak being served at a steakhouse in Belfast

Three establishments distinguish themselves as the premier steak restaurants in Belfast, each known for their delectable steaks and exceptional dining experience. Top Blade, Stix and Stones, and Jospers Steakhouse provide an enticing selection of locally sourced steaks; all served with meticulous care and style. Each of these establishments has a unique approach to cooking and presenting their steaks, ensuring that every diner can find their perfect cut. So, whether you prefer your steak cooked on hot stones or served in a chic, contemporary setting, these steakhouses in Belfast have got you covered.

With menus teeming with juicy beef cuts, these steakhouses cater to various tastes and preferences. From the tender Flat Iron Steak at Top Blade to the locally sourced, dry-aged steaks at Stix and Stones, these establishments are a must-visit for anyone seeking the best steak in Belfast.

Top Blade

A Massive STeak at Top Blade Belfast – Image By @jo_lovesfood_27

Nestled in the heart of St Anne’s Square, Top Blade is a true gem among Belfast’s steak restaurants. Offering a unique dining experience, guests can make their meal centred around the main attraction: the mouth-watering, locally sourced meat from Irish farmers. You’ll be spoilt for choice with options like Flat Iron Steak and Fillet Steak. To complement your meal, Top Blade offers a variety of scrumptious sides, such as creamy champ, crispy sweet potato fries, and indulgent Mac & Cheese.

Top Blade’s warm atmosphere and perfectly cooked steaks make it a compelling destination for steak enthusiasts. So, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or craving a delicious steak dinner, Top Blade’s warm ambience and tantalising menu will not disappoint.

Stix and Stones

Steak dinner at Stix and Stones, Belfast – Image By @stixandstonesbelfastrestaurant

Stix and Stones offer guests a unique opportunity: they can cook their steak on hot stones, creating a memorable dining experience. With locally sourced, dry-aged steaks that boast top-notch flavour, Stix and Stones elevate the dining experience by allowing diners to cook steaks to their preference. In addition to their premium steaks, Stix and Stones also offer a highly recommended dish, the Portobello Mushroom Orzo Pasta, and every steak comes with delicious portobello mushrooms, flavorful salsa verde, and tasty roast cherry tomatoes.

Situated near the vibrant city centre in Ballyhackamore, Stix and Stones, with its innovative cooking concept and superior steaks, is an exceptional choice for meat lovers seeking an engaging and enjoyable dining experience.

Jospers Steakhouse

Delicious Steak at Jospers Steakhouse, Belfast – Image By @aaronmcclean95

Jospers Steakhouse, focusing on prime-aged beef reared in Ireland, is a go-to spot for steak connoisseurs. With a Spanish charcoal oven that enhances the flavour of their steaks, Jospers offers a range of locally sourced cuts, from the delectable Ribeye to the luxurious Fillet. Sourced from renowned McAtamney Butchers in Ballymena, these flavoursome steaks are a true testament to the quality and expertise that goes into every dish at Jospers.

And don’t forget to save room for one of their heavenly desserts! Jospers Steakhouse, with its warm ambience, diligent staff, and delicious selection of extensive steak options, is an excellent choice to satiate your meat cravings.

Premium Beef and Local Suppliers

Prime Northern Irish Beef – Image By @mcatamneysbutchers

Sourcing high-quality, local ingredients is critical for an exceptional steak experience. Unsurprisingly, the top steakhouses in Belfast, such as Top Blade, Stix and Stones, and Jospers Steakhouse, source their beef from local butchers. This commitment to local sourcing ensures their steaks boast unique flavour, unbeatable freshness, and outstanding nutritional value.

Choosing locally sourced beef allows these steakhouses to ensure a tasty and juicy local steak meal that contributes to the local economy and endorses sustainability. With options like fillet, sirloin, T-bone, and steak burgers, there’s always something delectable to try at these premium Belfast steakhouses.

Flavourful Steaks for Every Palate

Belfast steakhouses, ranging from Top Blade with its tender Flat Iron Steak to Stix and Stones with its dry-aged cuts, offer a remarkable variety of steak options to cater to all tastes. The most popular steak cuts in Belfast’s steakhouses include:

  • Top Blade

  • Rump

  • Ribeye

  • Sirloin

  • Fillet

Each cut has its own unique taste and texture, from the rich flavor and tenderness of a ribeye to the leaner, more chewy texture of a flank steak.

The cooking style also plays a significant role in the flavor of the steak, whether it’s grilled over an open flame, seared, or cooked on a hot stone at Stix and Stones. With such a diverse range of cuts and cooking styles, there’s truly a steak for every taste in Belfast’s best steakhouses.

A Taste of Luxury: Upscale Steak Dining

Elegant and refined ambiance of an upscale steakhouse in Belfast

For diners searching for a more sophisticated dining experience in Northern Ireland, Belfast offers award-winning steakhouses such as Taylor & Clay and James St, known for their local focus. These establishments offer a luxurious ambience and expertly crafted steaks, making them the perfect choice for date nights, special occasions, or a lavish meal.

Taylor & Clay, situated in the Bullitt Hotel, offers a chic and high-end ambience, whereas James St provides a cosy environment emphasising local, seasonal ingredients. Both steakhouses provide exceptional service and premium steaks, ensuring a memorable and indulgent dining experience.

Taylor & Clay

Chef Prepping A Steak at Taylor and Clay – Image By @taylorandclaybelfast

Sleek and contemporary, Taylor & Clay offers a stylish ambience for date nights or special occasions. Located in the Bullitt Hotel, this award-winning restaurant serves various modern dishes from its wood-fired grill, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Their menu features delicious options like:

  • Pan-fried salmon

  • White bean prawn & spinach cassoulet

  • Pesto samphire

  • An indulgent Sunday roast

The fusion of masterfully prepared dishes and a refined ambience makes Taylor & Clay an essential destination for those seeking an unforgettable dining experience in a high-end steak setting in Belfast.

James St

A Steak at James St, Belfast – Image By @amesstbelfast

James St, a modern, casual restaurant located in Belfast’s core, highlights the use of local, seasonal ingredients for a remarkable steak dining experience. With a brick-walled interior and a charcoal grill that takes centre stage in the cooking process, James St offers a refined yet relaxed dining experience for locals and tourists alike.

Although specific information about the types of premium steaks they serve is unavailable, James St is known for its exquisite food and dedication to quality. You can expect a truly memorable meal when dining at this locally-focused steakhouse.

Casual Steak Bites: Laid-back Steakhouse Options

Relaxed and inviting atmosphere of a casual steakhouse in Belfast

For a laid-back dining experience, Belfast provides casual steakhouse alternatives such as Deanes Meat Locker and Flame. These laid-back establishments provide a welcoming atmosphere and delicious steaks without the formality of an upscale dining setting. Perfect for a casual dinner with friends or family, Deanes Meat Locker and Flame are sure to satisfy your steak cravings.

Offering a wide array of flavoursome steaks and meat dishes at Deanes Meat Locker and a welcoming ambience at Flame, these laid-back steakhouses provide an ideal setting for a fuss-free, delightful steak meal at some of the best steak restaurants.

Deanes Meat Locker

A Large Rib at Deanes Meatlocker – Image By @onnor_7890

In the centre of Belfast city, Deanes Meat Locker offers a broad choice of meat dishes, including exceptional steaks and the favoured Meat Locker Burger. They offer a range of steaks, from rump to T-bone, with prices ranging from £28 to £50, and their thick, craggy chips come highly recommended.

Their steaks are dry-aged for 28 days and are known for their high-quality and locally sourced flavour. With its laid-back atmosphere, Deanes Meat Locker is the perfect spot for a casual steak dinner, providing excellent food and value for money in a relaxed setting.


Steak & Wine at Flame Belfast – IMage By @flame_belfast

Flame, a popular casual steakhouse in Belfast, offers perfectly cooked steaks in a cosy and hospitable environment. Although specific information about their steak cuts is unavailable, Flame is known for its delicious food and exceptional service.

With attentive staff and a relaxed ambience, Flame offers diners the chance to enjoy a delicious steak meal without the formality of an upscale restaurant. An excellent option for a laid-back dining experience, Flame is sure to please meat lovers of all ages.

Perfect Pairings: Wine and Cocktails at Belfast Steakhouses

Exquisite wine and cocktail pairings at a steakhouse in Belfast

To enhance your steak dinner, Belfast steakhouses provide wine and cocktail options that pair excellently with your chosen cut. Famous red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Merlot are ideal for enhancing the rich flavours of your steak. Meanwhile, classic cocktails like martinis, old-fashioned margaritas, and whiskey sours add a refreshing twist to your dining experience.

Each steakhouse may have its unique cocktail menu, so be sure to explore its offerings to find the perfect drink to accompany your meal. With such a diverse range of beverages, you will find the perfect pairing to elevate your steak dining experience.

Family-Friendly Steak Dining

Finding a steakhouse accommodating everyone’s requirements is critical when dining as a family. Belfast offers family-friendly steakhouses such as Ryan’s Bar and Restaurant and Little Wing Pizzeria, which offer a friendly environment complete with amenities like high chairs, kids’ menus, and a cosy ambience suitable for families.

These family-friendly steakhouses offer delicious steak options, accommodate large family groups, and have kid-friendly menus or activities to keep children entertained during the meal. So, whether dining with a large family or simply seeking a welcoming atmosphere for all ages, Belfast’s family-friendly steakhouses have you covered.


From upscale dining experiences at Taylor & Clay and James St to laid-back casual bites at Deanes Meat Locker and Flame, there’s a steakhouse for every meat lover in Belfast. With a focus on locally sourced, premium beef and a diverse range of cuts and cooking styles, Belfast steakhouses offer a truly unforgettable dining experience. So, whether you’re a local or just visiting, indulge in some of Belfast’s sizzling hot steakhouses and discover the city’s best spots for meat lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest-rated steak in the world?

This year, the World Steak Challenge crowns the Japanese Wagyu from Starzen Co. as the world’s highest-rated steak—an absolutely mouthwatering cut of meat!

What is the best steak to order at a steakhouse?

Experience steak heaven with a ribeye, porterhouse, or strip steak – the perfect trifecta of flavour and texture!

What are the top steakhouses in Belfast?

For a delicious steak experience, visit Top Blade, Stix and Stones, and Jospers Steakhouse—three of the top steakhouses in Belfast.

What types of steaks can I expect at Belfast steakhouses?

Delight your taste buds with various steaks available at Belfast steakhouses, including Top Blade, rump, ribeye, sirloin and fillet!

How do Belfast steakhouses source their beef?

Delicious steaks in Belfast are sourced locally from renowned butchers, ensuring the best quality and flavour for your dining experience.

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