The Causeway Coast

The Causeway Coast is magnificent are of natural beauty spanning 50 miles overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean. The Causeway Coast has drawn visitors from all around the globe and it is easy to see why...

The Causeway Coast is magnificent. Spectacular beauty, spanning 50 miles, overlooks the North Atlantic Ocean and offers glimpses from an era goneby. This area has seduced visitors from all around the planet, when you get here you'll understand why. From Castlerock on the West to BallyCastle in the East the coastal towns of the Causeway Coast each provide something different for travellers and natives alike.

Having passed through the troubled times Northern Ireland has emerged with a new invite to the world to come and partake of her offerings. Discover exquisite beaches, ancient rocks, spectacular castle ruins, thriving towns with nightlife, unique stores and good food, cliff walks, intrepid rope bridges, unsurpassed hilltop views and all set within a friendly hospitable atmosphere.

The locals really enjoy living in this part of the world and they live a relaxed peaceful life taking part in their community and appreciating the beauty around them. As a child we would try to name all the towns that begin with Bally on the car rides and bounce on the springy grass at the Giant's Causeway, the world around us was inspiring.

Staying in one place and touring by car or bike is easy or choose to vary your surroundings and roam around staying a few nights here and a few nights there! You meet other campers and caravaners along the way if that's your mode of transport with and some great choices of places to spend the night

Map to The Causeway Coast:

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